Constitutional Officers

​​​Attorney General

The Attorney General, serves as the Commonwealth's constitutional chief law enforcement officer, and performs a range of legal, investigative, and administrative duties.

Auditor of Public Accounts

The Auditor of Public Accounts is the constitutional officer responsible for auditing all state agencies and county governments. Statutory responsibility requires the Auditor’s Office to examine the state general accounts, the accounts of all state agencies, all private and semi-private agencies receiving or handling state funds, and all state revenue collections. The Auditor must examine the management and control of all institutions and public works in which the state has financial interest or​ legal power.

Commissioner of Agriculture

The Commissioner of Agriculture heads the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. The efforts of the Department of Agriculture are directed to the promotion of the interests of agriculture and horticulture, agricultural revenues, and the protection of Kentucky’s livestock industries.

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State serves as the chief Election Officer of the Commonwealth and the chair of the State Board of Elections. In addition, the Secretary of State appoints notaries public; issues Kentucky Colonel Commissions; is the keeper of the Seal of the Commonwealth of ​Kentucky; and maintains records of all official acts of the Governor as well as all legislation passed by the General Assembly.


The Treasury Department is the central administrative agency responsible for the receipt and custody of all revenues ​collected by state government and for writing all checks and disbursing state funds.​