General Government

​​​Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of government administers the laws and programs enacted by the General Assembly. As chief administrator of Kentucky, the Governor ensures that state government provides needed services to the citizens of the Commonwealth at minimum cost to the taxpayer.

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Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of government interprets the laws of the Commonwealth and administers equal justice for all persons who become involved in the Kentucky court system through due process of law, in support of the Kentucky Constitution. The Kentucky court system is a four-tiered system of adjudication including a Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, and District Court. In 2002, a constitutional amendment was approved formally sanctioning the creation of Family Courts.

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Legislative Branch

The purpose of the Legislature is to make the state’s laws, to determine the duties and services of ​government, to provide for their execution, and to levy taxes and appropriate funds for the support of government operations.

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Constitutional Officers

Constitutional Officers are independently elected officials that perform key roles through the Executive Branch of Government. 

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