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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Salaries displayed in the search include employees of Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branch agencies as well as post-seco​ndary educational institutions. The Personnel Cabinet has payroll authority for salary purposes for the Executive Branch. The data contained in this report is for informational purp​oses only and does not constitut​e an official business ​record.

  • Executive Branch salary data is updated on the 7th and 24th of each month.
  • Salary database ​information is accurate as of the time stamp date ​provided.​​​

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General questions with respect to the Executive Branch salary database
Please contact the Personnel Cabinet's Public Information ​Office at 502-564-7430. 

Requests for copies of official records
Please make your request in​ writing to the Custodian of Records, Personnel Cabinet, 501 High Street, Third Floor, Frankfort, KY. 40601.

Judicial Branch
Please contact the Kentucky Court of Justice, Human Resources office at 502-573-2350.

Legislative Branch
Please contact the Legislative Research Commission, Human Resources and Professional Development Office at 502-564-8100.

Universities/Community and Technical College Salary
Please contact the individual ​school.