Learn About Budgets

​​​​​​​What is a Budget?

A budget is a plan for how you will spend your money. The state of Kentucky’s government has to make a budget to plan how to spend their money just like the many families and great people across the Commonwealth. You plan for how much you will spend on food, clothes and gas for the car. The state of Kentucky plans ​for ​how much they will spend as well across a huge list of priorities and needs.  So how does this work in state government?  Read on to find out...


The Governor

The Governor makes a plan for how to spend state money. Then he gives his plan ​to the General Assembly.


The General Assembly

The General Assembly is a group of men and women who make laws. They are chosen by the people of Kentucky. The General Assembly looks at the budget and makes changes to it. When they all agree on the changes they have made, they vote on it and ​then send it back ​to the Governor.​​​


The Budget Becomes a Law

The Governor signs the budget ​to make it a law.


Using the Budget

​​After the budget has been made into a law, sometimes it will need more changes. Sometimes, the state does not get as much money as they thought they would. When this happens, they have to spend less money. Sometimes, they get more money than they thought they would. When this happens, they can change the ​​budget to spend the extra money. The Governor looks at how much is spent on things every year. This helps him plan how to spend the money the next year.​