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The authority to spend public funds set by the Legislature as a spending cap. Appropriations are typically made to an agency or major program of state government, which are also referred to as appropriation units or budget units.
Appropriations and Revenue Committees
The Legislative committee in the House of Representatives and the Senate that considers the budget bills before they are passed by each of the two bodies of the Legislature.
Biennial Budget
Kentucky approves a budget every two years, the “biennial budget”. It consists of two annual, or fiscal year, budgets.
Budget Bill-Appropriation Bill
The legislation passed by the Legislature that authorizes the spending of public funds by the agencies of state government. There is typically one budget bill each for the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of government
Consensus Forecasting Group
A group of economists and other financial experts that forecast the tax revenues upon which the budgeted spending is based.
Executive Budget
The proposed budget the Governor submits to the Legislature
Fiscal Year
Kentucky's fiscal year begins on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of each year. This time period is set by Kentucky's Constitution.
Object Class
Rollup classification of expenditures higher than Object Code, which includes multiple Object Codes for similar articles or services. (e.g., salaries and wages, rentals, and telecommunications)
Object Code
A term used in connection with the classification of expenditures. The article purchased or the service obtained, rather than the purpose for which the article or service was purchased or obtained (e.g., personal services, contractual services, materials and supplies).